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Keep up to date with all things REHAB... Part of our mission is to provide our customers and followers with the best advise and education to not only overcome their injuries and pain but to help avoid future pitfalls! You are very welcome.

Would I benefit from a lumbar support?

There are several risk factors that exist for the development of lower back pain one of which includes sitting in a prolonged position with the lower back flexed forward and ‘slouched’. Studies have demonstrated that the use of a lumbar support pillow increases the comfort of both healthy indiviuals and those with low back pain.

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What is my Heel pain and how can I treat it?

With one in ten people developing plantar fasciitis at some point in their life it is by far the most common foot complaint seen by physiotherapists and podiatrists. In this article we look at what is this heel pain and how best can it be treated. We also introduce our MacTherapy Heel Pain Treatment Kit and demonstrate how it can be used to conservatively treat suffers of this debilitating condition.

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