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Original McKenzie® AirBack Lumbar Support

Favourited by physiotherapists world wide The Original McKenzie™ AirBack is the best inflatable lumbar support on the market. 
Simply remove it from its protective cover and inflate to your comfort level.Being light and compact it is the Ideal companion for anyone travelling frequently.


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Product information for the Original McKenzie® AirBack Lumbar Support

Designed by world renowned physiotherapist Robin McKenzie The Original McKenzie Airback Lumbar Roll provides support to the spine and helping relieve lower back pain and dysfunction.

The Original McKenzie® AirBack Lumbar Support folds to the size of a passport making it easily portable for long distance travel especially on flights.

It's shape and size allows it to slot easily into the small of the back and offers a convenient solution maintaining a correct and comfortable lower back posture.

Allows for varying degrees of firmness and support depending on the air pressure applied.

The Original McKenzie™ AirBack has an inner lining with a soft velour cover.

Measurements: 390mm (l) x 120mm (h) x 110mm (depth) maximum.

**For more information about using a Lumbar support read our recently published article 'Would I benefit from a Lumbar Support?'

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