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MacTherapy® Bunion Corrector (2pcs)

The MacTherapy® Bunion Corrector is a high quality fabric foot splint. It has been specifically designed to help provide pain relief from Bunions (Hallux Valgus). It may be used before or after surgery.


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Product information for the Bunion Corrector (2pcs)

Lightweight instant relief

The MacTherapy® Bunion Corrector Sleeve is lightweight and can be worn comfortably with socks and shoes. It provides instant relief to the big toe by

shielding your bunion, reducing friction and irritation. Recommended by podiatrists and physiotherapists the MacTherapy® Bunion Corrector gently helps to realign your big toe to its natural position. They are a long term management solution and can halt the progression of the bunion.

On purchasing the MacTherapy® Bunion Corrector Sleeve you will receive an expert user guide compiled by our in-house physiotherapist

One Size

When to use the MacTherapy® Bunion Corrector Sleeve

The treatment of;

  • Bunions/ Hallux Valgus
  • Hammer toes
  • Corns/ Verrucas/ blisters
  • Post Hallux Valgus surgery- to promote healing
  • Relief of toe pain while walking or during sporting activities.

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